About Me

· Bridgette Bradshaw is a Real Estate Agent who helps individual(s) and families with the most important thing in their life; the purchase of real estate.
· Prior to establishing her real estate business, Bridgette Bradshaw spent most of her years raising her two children. Then went on to work for a large development company based out of Atlanta, Ga where she administered the construction projects of the building of banks and after 3 years of successfully assisting with the completion of 5 major projects, she went on to work for DC-based development company as a Commercial Property Manager leasing over 1.5 million square feet of space.
· Bridgette Bradshaw offers a wide range of programs and services – from real estate investment, credit repair; homeowner insurance, personal and business Insurance and taxes.
· Bridgette Bradshaw specializes in Short Sale, real estate negotiating and problem-solving of the selling and purchasing of real estate. Her philosophies are communication, knowledge of the real estate market, honesty compiled with the enjoyment of making her clients happy.
· After a successful career in parenting and commercial management Bridgette Bradshaw now helps individuals and families with the purchasing and selling of homes.
Bridgette Bradshaw is no stranger to the Real Estate Industry. She spent 15 years helping others with real estate matters.
· To contact Bridgette Bradshaw by email justaskbridgette@gmail.com or call 202-486-9987.